Charlie Duane background

Messing around with sailing, climbing masts, and racing familiarized me with the shapes, motion, and appearance of boats on the water from a young age. All kinds of experience prepared me for the oddities encountered around boat lettering, such as working from staging in cramped quarters and compensating for obstructions like vents and swim ladders.

Being familiar with sailors, I appreciate the pride and affection that boat owners have for their crafts. Along the way these owners have taught me that a good-looking name adds the finishing touch to a well-maintained boat. Time and again, knowledgeable customers have requested me to sign a boat with distinctive graphics. They knew, and they taught me that a good graphic distinguishes their boat from the rest for only a tiny percentage of their investment.

The most important lesson I have learned is to listen. At first I thought that all customers follow the same procedure, but I find that every customer is unique. The big boats have yacht construction managers, and the boat yards have customer reps, but not one has turned out to be the same. Each owner has a unique style.

Customer needs change over time. Tell me your needs. I'll hope to listen and learn.


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