BoatSign Classic Layout

The tried-and-true classic layout works for most boats, even modern boats. Yes, a graphic artist can invent an eye-catching distinctive splash for your boat, and the galleries show I executed plenty of them.

However, there are instances when you simply want the best results you can get on a limited budget. This is where the classic layout excels, and where the exclusive BoatSign Roman and BoatSign Block fonts shine.

Consider the view on the water when accounting for optical distortions from various perspectives. The effect may be difficult to imagine when you walk underneath the boat on dry land. Often you are seeing what the fish sees from under water.

The trick is to make the curvature of the boat work for you, not against you. Notice that an apparently straight line of letters can dip in the middle when seen from above. A slight arc, or a little inventiveness when installing pre-spaced letters, can remedy the distortion caused by a curved surface.

The classic transom layout utilizes captital letters, not lower case letters or script. Roman and Block capital block letters offer the best visibility at great distances over water. Alternatively, lower case and italic letters offer good possiblities for names with large letters or many characters.


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