BoatSign Hazards

Heather transom, close-up view

In this instance, there are two vents, a hand grip, a chainplate, and brackets for holding a ladder that will be installed later. The sides of the ladder will pass between the letters, not over them. The overall appearance is cultivated to look as if all those fittings were installed later as afterthoughts.

By signing the boat "Heather" with a good-looking name, the boat owner demonstrates pride and care taken with the boat - and boosts its resale value.

Additional variables - The worksite pictures below show some of the challenges faced by the lettering artist.

Studio conditions - not!


The "Good News" is that:


Boats under construction involve multiple distractions:


Double-end boat - outdoors



Studio conditions are rarely available. If a boat is placed temporarily in ideal conditions, it will likely be moved to make room for another boat very soon. More often, the conditions are chaotic. It is always on the nice, sunny day with a gentle breeze and mild temperatures that boat lettering looks easy

Unless you can plan your graphics well in advance, you will likely encounter some disruption and chaos in an ambitious boat graphics project. A good reason for having consistent reliable methods.

Sometimes the simple, effective lettering procedure works best.