BoatSign How-to

Consider the view on the water when laying out the letters on a transom or sides of a boat.

Whether you hand paint, spray paint with a mask, or install pre-spaced adhesive vinyl letters, the best results come from controlled conditions. These are usually indoors, but you rarely have the ideal studio to work in. Tight storage space, repair work, construction work, extreme cold or heat, dust, dim lighting, and changing launch schedules can complicate the simplest lettering job.

Perhaps the boat sits outdoors on a cradle, stands, or even on the launch pad. Weather permitting, at least you can set up staging which allows you to work at eye-height rather than lean over the side of the boat or wiggle onto the swim platform.

Yes, you can letter a boat in the water, but pick the right day and be prepared for the work to take twice as long. Watch out for those gusts of wind and other rogue events!

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