The key applied to boat lettering

Lesson review: the "strokes" of the hailport should be no bolder than the thin "strokes" of the name.

Notice the "key" being applied in the examples below:

Liberty is hand-lettered with black paint and freehand layout on site. Despite windy conditions and heavy equipment operating nearby, the lettering artist produces consistent results.


Louisiana is rendered in vinyl with BoatSign's exclusive fonts, which imitate Charlie Duane's hand-lettering: BoatSign Roman and BoatSign Block. On a dark blue background, imitation gold color with white outline produces truly excellent, durable results.


Additional notes: The name usually follows the arc of the transom, and the hailport is often renedered on a very slight arc to compensate for curvature of the hull. Have you noticed how many hailports dip in the middle?